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This document, being a prospectus, has been prepared in accordance with and contains the information required by the European Communities ( Transferable Securities and Stock Exchange) Regulations (1992). A copy of this prospectus has been filed with the Registrar of Companies in compliance with section 47 of the Companies Act 1963 as required by the TSSE regulations.

The Directors, whose names appear on page 4, take responsibility for the information contained in this document and have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the facts contained herein are true and accurate in all material respects and that there are no material facts, the ommission of which would make misleading any ststement herein, whether of fact or opinion.

It is intended to invest the net proceeds of this placing in land assts in Ireland, and as such,shares in this fund are designed as a low risk investment. This is an equity investment and the value of shares could fall as well as rise. An investment in this fund could be partially or totally lost.

Investors are recommended to seek independent professional advice from their financial advisors before proceeding with an investment in this fund.
This proposal should be evaluated in conjunction with the key assumptions on page 9.

Applications to participate in the Fund must be made on the terms of this Prospectus and on the Application Form contained herein. Applications are accepted strictly in order of receipt and the right is reserved to close the application list at any time before that date. In the event of over subscription, the oversubscribing investors will be refunded in full.


The law applicable to matters arising in connection with the Fund is the law of the Republic of Ireland. Legislation of particular relevance to the Fund and its management include the Companies Acts 1963 -1990 (as amended), the Finance Act, 1969, the Corporation Tax Act, 1976, the Forestry Act, 1946 and the terms of the Irish Afforestation Grant and Forest Premium Schemes introduced under EU Council Regulation 2080/92.