Premier Irish Forestry Fund Phase II Plc.
Mocklershill, Cashel,
Co. Tipperary,
Phone 353 (0)62 63155 & 63150
Fax 353 (0)62 63151

I hereby apply for ____________________ shares at IR£1,000. each
and enclose a cheque / bank draft / postal order made payable to
"Premier Irish Forestry Fund  Phase II Plc." in the amount of IR£__________

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________



Phone: __________________________

Fax: ____________________________

E-mail: __________________________

1. I hereby irrevocably authorize the Directors  of the Premier Irish Forestry Fund Phase II Plc. to do all such things as are necessary in connection with the management of the fund as set out in the Prospectus dated 9th  January 2000 without further reference to me and notwithstanding any rights or entitlements which I may possess in respect of shares held in the Fund and in particular I hereby irrevocably authorize the Directors:

A. To invest the subscription monies in the purchase of land for the purposes of afforestation and subsequent sale of land and timber as outlined in this prospectus.

B. To manage the fund in their absolute discretion within the terms of the prospectus.

C. To deal with all distributions in accordance with provisions made in the Prospectus dated 9th January 2000.

D. To place monies on deposit with the Ulster Bank, or other licensed bank.

2. I hereby accept that, subject to the compliance by the Directors with their duties and obligations, under no circumstances whatever shall I be entitled to hold the said Directors liable for any default, act or omission by them or the failure or loss of any kind of the fund.

Signature: ______________________________________________